How to Buy an Existing Business

How to Buy an Existing Business

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Buying an existing business can be a complicated process. At Funding Connection, we know that there are common mistakes often made during this process. So we devised a helpful guidebook to help you through the process to make sure you avoid these mistakes and make the right decisions.

 In this book, we show you:

  • What the difference is between buying an existing business versus a company.

  • The advantages to buying an existing business.

  • What opportunities and pitfalls may be linked to buying an existing business.

  • How to evaluate the business before buying it.

  • Negotiating tips to make you the winner.

  • What should be covered in the sales agreement.

  • The common mistakes made when buying an existing business.

  • The funding for your purchase.

​We want you to be prepared for your business venture. So take a look at this guidebook and ensure your success!